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About Assessment

General advice:

The Study Needs Assessment is an informal discussion in which you will have an opportunity to explore equipment and strategies that might help you in your studies. There are no tests involved. The following advice will help to identify the most appropriate solutions.

Dyslexia: If you have dyslexia, dyspraxia or a specific learning difficulty (SpLD) please bring a copy of your Educational Psychologist’s report or other diagnostic report with you or make sure you post it to us AT LEAST 7 DAYS before the assessment.

Bring your spectacles / glasses: If you have been prescribed spectacles or glasses, whether for reading or other use, please bring these with you.

Hearing loss: If you have hearing aids, please bring them with you. If you have a profound or severe hearing loss and would normally rely on an Interpreter you MUST let us know when booking your assessment. We do not have an Interpreter available at all times but we can arrange for an Interpreter to attend if given notice OR we can arrange to pay for interpreting services if you bring your own Interpreter. Please contact us for further information.

Your assessment will be individual to you and your course. To avoid disappointment please ignore what you might have been told by other students, their circumstances could be very different from yours. Sometimes students are given a list of ‘what to ask for’. The assessor will not be bound by this list even if it was included in an Educational Psychologist’s report or doctor’s letter. However, if you have previously tried some equipment or strategies please tell the assessor whether this proved helpful or not.

Please remember that the Disabled Students’ Allowances can only be used to cover expenditure and equipment that arise as a direct consequence of the effects of a disability on your studies. It cannot be used to cover costs that might be incurred by all students, such as standard course textbooks, basic stationery and reasonable travel by private vehicle or public transport.