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About The Study Needs Assessment

The Study Needs Assessment is an informal discussion in which you will have the opportunity to explore equipment and strategies that might help you in your studies. There are no tests involved.

In order to help your assessor prepare please ensure we have a copy of your supporting documentation at least two working days prior to your assessment. The quickest way of achieving this is to upload it when completing our online booking form, or emailing it to If you are posting it please allow at least seven days for it to arrive before your assessment.

To ensure we gain a full understanding of your support needs your assessor will cover the following aspects of studying:

  • Research and reading;
  • Writing and reviewing academic work;
  • Note-taking in lectures and seminars;
  • Managing time and organising work;
  • Access to and use of technology;
  • Practical sessions, placements, field trips and additional course activities;
  • Examinations and timed assessments;
  • Social interaction and communication;
  • Travel and access to higher education environment;
  • Additional information;

Please reflect upon your past experiences within education / the workplace in relation to these. If needing to, prepare a list of your concerns. A copy of these areas can be downloaded from this link.

glasses Bring your spectacles / glasses: If you have been prescribed glasses, whether for reading or other use please bring these with you.

hearing aid Hearing loss: If you have hearing aids, please bring them with you. If you have a profound or severe hearing loss and would normally rely on an Interpreter you MUST let us know when booking your assessment. We do not have an Interpreter available at all times, but we can arrange for one to attend if given notice. OR we can arrange to pay for interpreting services if you bring your preferred interpreter.

Please contact us for further information.