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Assessment Process Check List
DSA application
Student submits an application for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) to Funding Body.
Student receives letter received from Funding Body confirming eligibility to attend a DSA Study Needs Assessment.
Booking enquiry Student contacts AccessCentral to make a provisional appointment.
AccessCentral send out Pre-Assessment Form to Student and agree a date for the assessment.
Student emails the following documentation to AccessCentral within 5 working days of reciveing appointment confirmation letter:
evidence relating to disability / specific learning difficulty (eg medical letter, Educational Psychologist’s report etc)
letter from Funding Body confirming eligibility to attend a DSA Needs Assessment
completed Pre-Assessment Form
AccessCentral contact Student to confirm appointment, provide other details and send map and directions once required documents above are received
takes place
We suggest you allow about 2 hours for the appointment for time to discuss your needs. There is no testing involved
Draft report AccessCentral sends draft report (where requested) to Student within 10 working days of the assessment for approval
Student reads through report and sends any comments / amendments to AccessCentral within 5 working days from the date the draft report was posted
Final report AccessCentral sends copy of final report to Student, Funding Body and Disability / Learning Support Adviser at University / College
Student receives letter from Funding Body detailing whether or not they will fund the recommended support from the DSA
Putting support in place
Student follows the instructions given by Funding Body and are recommended to contact their Disability / Learning Support Adviser for guidance and to help make arrangements
Change of circumstances Student contacts Disability / Learning Support Adviser if circumstances alter which may affect the level of support required
AccessCentral may provide a further assessment or minor alteration to existing recommendations, if requested by the Funding Body
For further information, please contact AccessCentral
To download a copy of the assessment process checklist in Microsoft Word please click here.