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Before the Assessment

What you need to do before the assessment:

  • Please read the information we email to you
  • Please complete the forms we send you and return by email
  • Please send us a copy of the ‘evidence’ provided with your application for the DSA e.g. your dyslexia report or doctor’s letter
  • Please make sure you tell us if you change your mobile number, we may need to contact you
  • Please check your mobile for TEXT and voicemail messages for a few days before the assessment
  • Please make a list of your previous study and qualifications to bring with you – a CV is a good format to use
  • Please make sure you have credit on your mobile and have your mobile with you and switched on in case we need to contact you
  • Please check the directions and make sure you know how to find us.
  • Please call the day before if you have any questions.