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Why do I need to have an assessment?

Your Funding Body will ask you to have a DSA assessment carried out so that your particular needs can be matched with those of your proposed course to ensure that you get the help that you will need. The DSA assessment may identify the types of equipment and other support you will need, how much it will cost and where to get it from. It will also identify any training you might need to make best use of the equipment recommended, and detail any special examination arrangements.

The cost of your DSA assessment will be paid from your DSA allowance and is charged at £660 (+VAT). If you need help with travel costs to the assessment, you should ask your Funding Body whether they can help as this can be paid from the General Allowance of the DSA.

You should not arrange for a DSA assessment without first confirming with your Funding Body (SFE/NHS) that they agree for you to do so.

How soon can I have an assessment done?
Once your Funding Body has established your eligibility for the DSA and you have provided supporting evidence of your disability or specific learning difficulty from an appropriate specialist to AccessCentral, a DSA assessment can be arranged by calling AccessCentral.  If you are about to start you university studies it may be possible to have an assessment before the start of term, and even before you have a confirmed place at an institution.